Reading “Deliver!” a first time dad “learned so much in a very short time.”

Deliver! Books

We just noticed this new five star Amazon review of “Deliver!” from earlier in the fall. Reader Nmat83 said:

“This book is simply great. As a first time father to be, I learned so much in a very short time. This book was a short, easy read with great information on every page. I felt much more at ease and knowledgeable after reading. I also got major kudos for dropping facts I learned from my wife! I definitely recommend this book to any father to be!”


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The Peanut Ball: A smart labor tool

Deliver! Books

I just supported a couple where the doctor was very doubtful that the mom would be able to deliver without a C-section. Based on my experience, I had to agree, but the mom really wanted to avoid surgery and so we did everything we could to help her to achieve that goal.

It was a long labor, but she did it (yeah!) and here’s what I think tipped the scales in her favor: The peanut ball.

More and more hospitals are providing these inflatable, peanut-shaped cushions for moms with epidurals and I have found them to be amazing tools for shortening labors and helping babies turn and descend when nothing else has seemed to help. They are especially good for moms who have to be in bed because of an epidural or other health concerns.

Here is an article with pictures and details if you are interested in seeing how…

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“My “go-to” gift for friends who are expecting”

Deliver! Books

The five star reviews keep rolling in for “Deliver!” Here’s our latest from Amazon:

“This book is wonderful! It gave very practical advice and a clear overview of the birth process, which helped my husband feel more confident in his role, though I benefited greatly from it as well. Having read several other birth books, I appreciated this one the most because it was a great step-by-step manual that helped us think through all our options before labor and empowered us with knowledge to make decisions when it came time to “deliver!” It will now be my “go-to” gift for friends who are expecting. Thank you, Julie and Simon!”

Thank you, Julia – and congratulations to you and your husband.


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New dad: “after reading this book, I was surprisingly calm and assured about my role in the delivery process.”

Deliver! Books

41jgJO7mMSL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Deliver!” has another great, five star review up on Amazon. Nervous about his responsibilities as a birth partner, new dad Gaurav found our book to be a huge help – and a source of reassurance that he could do an excellent job.

He says:

“The information is easy to read, organized well and most importantly practical. The take aways from each section are so subtle that you will feel confident and ready to implement them right away. In short, the book is very effective.”

Like a lot of busy people, Gaurav also appreciated that “Deliver!” gets right to the point, noting:

“You can read it quickly, remember the important points and revisit them anytime. It literally takes you 30 minutes to read it. Most importantly, the book is concise because the content is clear. It has pointers that can actually make a difference in the delivery…

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Short and Sweet – Another 5 Star Review

Deliver! Books

Loved this book! Short and sweet (enough) to really cover all of the main points you need to know without getting bogged down with info. I may bring it with me to the hospital too! Highly recommend this one.” – Kaitlyn

We are so happy for this new 5 star review as it’s exactly what we designed “Deliver!” to be … something short enough that it would actually get read, full of helpful advice to prepare for labor, and easy to flip through on the big day for tips and advice.  Thanks, Kaitlyn!


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Daily activities for easier births

I was recently doula at two very quick, very straight-forward births in a row. What the births had in common, besides me, was that I’d recommended to both women that they practice the daily exercises outlined by Gail Tully on her fantastic website

In the past, I mostly sent people there if their baby was breech, but I’ve since fallen in love with Gail’s recommendations for daily activities for “easier birth with fetal positioning” as something that nearly everyone should try. The basic idea is that the more lined up a baby is, the easier they will descend and the more pressure will be placed on the cervix, making everything faster and smoother.

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As a new doula, I saw lots of people with long, slow, posterior-positioned (i.e. where the baby was facing mom’s back) births. When I started advocating for sitting up straight in the last moth of pregnancy, that number dropped dramatically. With the addition of Gail’s daily exercises, I am hopeful that even more of the moms I work with can have quicker and more straight-forward births.




A physician and his wife have the birth they want with the help of “Deliver!”

Deliver! Books

41jgJO7mMSL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_We have a great new review on our Amazon page:

“I cannot recommend this book enough. It says on the cover: “if you only read one book about childbirth, this is it” and it’s true. I had a vaginal birth after caesarean, in adverse conditions, which went really well. It was in great part due to this book. It was the only book I read, together with my husband. It is wonderful: complete, easy to read, practical and balanced.”
– Julie M

“Julie and Simon’s book gave us a different view about what you can do to support your beloved one when she is in delivery. For me, having a much more technical background, it was a very useful tool, that I truly recommend.”
– Daniel M, M.D.”

Thanks, Daniel and Julie for the wonderful review. When we wrote this book we hoped it would give couples the tools…

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