Deliver! Books

I am the co-creator of, and content expert for, the Deliver! book series. Our first book, Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor is a concise, straight-talking field guide to birth written expressly for men (although anyone supporting a birthing mom will find it useful). We take fathers-to-be through the various stages of labor and birth, clearly explaining what a woman is experiencing and – most importantly – suggesting the many ways in which they can help. Together, we believe, they can make a birth a wonderfully positive event that builds on – and strengthens – the love and trust that is at the heart their relationship.

Here are just a couple of the many glowing reviews, by a husband and wife, that we’ve received on our Amazon page:

I cannot recommend this book enough. It says on the cover: “if you only read one book about childbirth, this is it” and it’s true. I had a vaginal birth after caesarean, in adverse conditions, which went really well. It was in great part due to this book. It was the only book I read, together with my husband. It is wonderful: complete, easy to read, practical and balanced.
– Julie Machado

Julie and Simon’s book gave us a different view about what you can do to support your beloved one when she is in delivery. For me, having a much more technical background, it was a very useful tool, that I truly recommend.
– Daniel Machado, M.D.



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