The labor and delivery process for our first child was an amazingly positive one due in large part to our doula, Julie. Her extensive experience with coping mechanisms and ability to deal with hospital professionals enabled us to successfully navigate labor without pain medications. Julie coached, guided and supported us in ways that did not interfere with this extremely special bonding opportunity, and was instrumental in providing relief through new positions and acupressure points. We are confident that without Julie by our side during pregnancy and labor, our birth story would have been drastically different. We are eternally grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

– Robyn and Mike (Oakland, CA)

My husband and I knew we wanted to have a natural birth. I had mentioned having a doula, but his response was, “You are tough, you don’t need help. We make a great team and we can do this.” We went through our first childbirth class where we met Julie. After the first class, he looked and me and said, “We need Julie.” Yes, we did need Julie. My labor was fast and furious. Julie kept us calm and comfortable. She gave us support in ways we never could have anticipated. I was able to have an un-medicated childbirth at Stanford Hospital. When I found out I was pregnant the second time, we called and booked Julie the same day. I cannot imagine sharing that special moment with any other doula. Both childbirth experiences were everything we had hoped because we had the support of our doula, Julie.

– Mandy and Brian (San Jose, CA)

Julie is a clear-eyed, straight talking birth professional whose childbirth classes prepare both moms and dads with the tools and skills they need to navigate today’s high tech birth environment. Prospective parents benefit from her years of labor room experience, collegial relationships with doctors and extensive knowledge of hospital and home-birth protocols.

– Sylvia Star-Lack, Childbirth educator, doula and City Planner

Julie is the quintessential doula/labor companion. The practical and extensive knowledge she gives to the students in her childbirth or yoga classes or doula clients is invaluable. She is nurturing, supportive, and non-judgmental while also being frank and accurate. I would and have recommended numerous people to Julie for birth assistance in various forms, all of which have returned with nothing but raving comments about her helpfulness and experience.

– Kris Ahmed, MPH

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